Rebecca Gibney


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About Rebecca

Born as: Rebecca Catherine Gibney
D.O.B.: 14. December 1964
Height: 173 cm
Born in: Levin, New Zealand
Lives: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Parents: Austin & Shirley Gibney
Married to: Richard Bell
Siblings: 5, Patrick, Michael, Stella, Teresa & Diana
Kids: 1 son, Zachary Edison Bell (born 2004)


Rebecca's Favourites 

Movies: Gone With The Wind, The Lord Of The Rings & more
Role: Guinea Malone in "Come In Spinner", Jane Halifax in "Halifax f.p."
Hobbies: Reading, Sailing
Music: Norah Jones, Dean Martin, Colin Hay, Kasey Chambers
Food: old-fashioned roast, Thai, Japanese, Sushi
Drink: French Champagne, vodka with lime juice and crushed ice
Songs: lots!
Books: To Kill A Mocking Bird, Cloudstreet, Up The Duff, Breath, Eat Love Pray
          Rebecca also loves reading biographies!
Holiday Destination: Bora Bora in Tahiti
Essential Beauty Products: Eyelash curlers, jojoba oil, vaseline for the lips, waterproof mascara
Ice Cream: Feijoa


Random Facts

-Friends & co-stars include: Jane Hall, Kerry Armstrong, Liz Burch, Robyn Gibbes, Donna Dainty,
  Deborah Lee-Furness, Sigrid Thornton, Claudia Karvan, Jessica Marais etc
- Rebecca married singer Jack Jones (Irwin Thomas) on 5. July 1992 and got divorced 3 years later
- in 2001 she married her now husband production designer, Richard Bell
- at the 2001 wedding her attendants were Donna Dainty & Jane Hall (who was in "All Together Now" with Rebecca)
- she is the youngest of 6 children
- when Rebecca was 2 1/2 years she fell down a flight of steps and split her lip open.
   One can now see the scar as a faint curve.
- as a girl Rebecca wanted to become Prime Minister!
- when she was older she wanted to become a nurse, but had problems dealing with blood
- as a teenager she was totally into sports and even was New Zealand's Third Best Trampolinist
- Jon English (her co-star on the 90s sitcom  "All Together Now") used to be one of her teen idols
- Her mother's full name is Shirley Claire May
- Rebecca loves to start the day with music
- she moved to the Tamar Valley with her husband in 2003, but had to sell the house due to
   proceedings of the plan of a new pulp mill to be built close by in 2011
- the family relocated to Sydney, NSW, where Rebecca has been shooting "Packed To The Rafters" since
- in the early 80s while on holiday in Australia, she auditioned for "Neighbours" & "The Zoo Family".
  Rebecca got both roles and chose the latter, which was her first part on a TV-Show.


Rebecca has been nominated for countless awards during her amazing career. Here's a list of some of the
awards she has won so far:

- Silver Logie, 2010 (Julie Rafter, Packed To The Rafters)
- Gold Logie, 2009 (Favourite TV Personality)
- Silver Logie, 2009 (Julie Rafter, Packed To The Rafters)
- People's Choice Award, 1993 (Favourite Actress in a Drama or Serial)
- People's Choice Award, 1992 (Most Popular Television Actress)

- Silver Logie, 1991 (Guinea Malone, Come In Spinner)
- AFI Award, 1990 (Guinea Malone, Come In Spinner)