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About Rebecca Gibney Heaven

                 Rebecca Gibney Heaven is a website dedicated to one of my favourite actresses.
                  This website was made by a fan for fans and is not in touch with Rebecca's management
                   or with herself. The full content of this website (pictures, info etc.) was only intended to
                   support/promote Rebecca and her projects. The information used was given by trustworthy
                   people, even though not everything was confirmed by professional sources.


Copyright (Gallery,Information)

                         The photos in the gallery (as well as the ones used on other pages of the website) are
                   part of a collection from various sources (Magazines, websites etc.). All the information
                   and media of RGH may not be used without personal permission from the webmaster.
                   If any of the photos are yours and you want to be credited here, please contact the 
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                         I would like to thank a few people, who provided pictures, information and other things
                   used on this website. Without you guys this website wouldn't be the same!! lol

                               Renate Kaldenhoff (Flying Doctors Fanclub Germany) Thanks for being so
                               kind and granting all my requests lol [this is really hard sometimes ;)].
                               Also thank you for sending me all those awsome pics and Rebecca's autograph!!!
                               Thomas (for supplying those great videos of "All Together Now" so that I
                               finally was able to watch most of the episodes. I LOVE the show now! lol)
                               Timothy Z. of for sending me those great pics!
                               Christopher Leitner for those great ATN photos! Thanks a lot!
                               Manda for doing the sweet video of the Logies, as well as supplying articles and stuff!!
                               Dianne for taking her time to do the FD images. 
                               Marlene (Liz Burch Site) Thanks for doing those lovely FD-screencaps!!
                               Rhiannon H. (Beyond) for letting me use those awsome high quality promo stills of
                               "Small Claims - White Wedding"!!!!!! :)
                               Starman* for doing the very beautiful photos of Rebecca in HALIFAX and LOST
                               WORLD! Thank you heaps!!
                               SalF for making me lots of great Rebecca screencaps! Thank you heaps!
                               Di, who sent me some very interesteing material!!! :)
                               GiGiDarling (Patricia) for allowing me to use her "Salem's Lot" caps.
                               Aimz (from the LisaChappell Forum) for these wonderful article scans!!
                               Christiane (the german lol) for being so kind and giving me all these Rebecca movies
                               plus the fantastic magazine scans! THANKS xxx
                               to David Blake for supplying the stills of "Lost & Found" + trailer!!!
                               Jillian (Bec's publicist), thanks for telling Rebecca about this site and being so
                               kind and helpful!
                               and finally Rebecca herself for making me soooo happy by replying to my 
                               letters and doing such amazing work at whatever she does! I guess without
                               you this website wouldn't even exist!! hehe THANKS!!


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